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Our Story

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Where it all Began

Crystal the visionary, creator and designer began her journey with Dance Mistress back in 2012. From 9 to 5 she was a successful businesswoman yet by night she was a pole artist. In the studio and performing on stage is where she thrived, freeing her from the constraints and pressures of the corporate world. 

Many hours were spent in the studio training, teaching and perfecting her craft for upcoming performances and competitions. While she worked tirelessly, without the right look, her performance would not be complete.  

Finding the right attire was a daunting task. At the time, options were limited, and uniqueness was scarce with those offering performance wear often saving their pieces for those ‘worthy in the industry’.

So then it was off to the seamstress; An expensive alternative that should have been seamless instead has its limitation. While they were talented, it was not easy to have the same vision. Precious time and excessive money was spent to potentially end up with a piece that you were only somewhat satisfied with. There was no option to return it. Your dance performance was in two days, you were stuck, and had no choice but to settle a lesser version of your vision.

How can we change it?

Since there aren't enough interests for major clothing companies to invest in the industry, Crystal decided to create her own. She knew what was needed,  and before long, this ambitious woman left the corporate world behind and focused on what the industry required. Dance Mistress®️ was born.


‘It is your duty in life to save your dream.’

-Amedeo Modigliani