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Love Our Planet


Fast fashion is now the second-largest polluter in the world, next to the fuel industry. 

A large number of garment manufacturers still doesn't follow the environmental guideline in water treatments. Toxic water from textiles factories is dumped directly into the rivers. In addition to this, as fast fashion grows, garment waste has been increasing year on year from western households into landfill.

Environmental sustainability stays very close to our company's core value. At Dance Mistress, we believe beautiful dancewear goes with a beautiful planet.

Here is our commitment to our Mother Earth:

  1. We follow the principle of buy less, buy better quality, mend clothes, and recycle. We are not a fast-fashion brand, and we advocate classic fit, quality fabric, versatile utilisation, and timeless designs.
  2. We only include items that have minimal impact on the environment during the manufacturing process. e.g., use lacer technology to replace the acid wash process.
  3. Non-plastic packaging. We use reusable pouches to replace plastic bags to store our products.  
  4. We choose to work with quality couriers (Australia Post, Sendle, DHL) responsible for social and environmental practices.
  5. Our office chooses green energy in office operations, such as electricity and gas usage.

Regardless of if it's one person, a small business, a large corporation or a nation, environmental responsibility sits with every citizen of this planet. Together, we will make a difference!