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Why Our Shoes Rocks


If you are impressed with our costumes, you will also love our pole dancing shoes. Allow us to guide you through each technical details.


  • Each pair is handmade by our experienced shoe makers with 10 + years experience.
    Quality comes with skills and experience. Our shoe makers are valuable backbone to our production. Each of them are equipped with more than ten years of experience in the field. We are happy to pay more for their skills, because our customers are worth it.

    • Timeless design with unique materials for you to stand out in the crowd.
    Our pole shoes design are clean, classic and with a minimalist feel that will never go out of fashion.
    We have spent countless hours to select the right fabric with good thickness, the right fibre mix, the right colour and the right texture.  We avoid choosing fabric such as patent or vinyl, that are easily damaged. If you look after your DM pole shoes, they will last for years to come.
    • Fabric is sprayed with fabric protector to repels liquids & stains.

    • Neat and double stitching technique to reinforce durability and prevent split at the back of the heels.

      • Quality lycra lining which is resilient, breathable, and dries quickly. 
        Yes, inside of the shoes are just important as outside. DM pole dance boots use quality thick lycra ( Nylon / Spandex) linings. Compared with PVC linings in many shoes, our shoes are more comfortable to wear and won't leave sweat marks on the outside like PVC linings does.

            • We replaced PVC (plastic) insoles with sweat absorbing cushioned insoles, cut into shape by hand.
              Have you ever wonder even with the same design, why some shoes make your feet sweat more than others? The insoles plays a big role. We ditched cheap PVC insoles and replaced with premium cushioned insoles.  After hours of dancing in our pole shoes, our insoles absorb sweat and better protect your dancer's feet.

                  • Pure thick rubber soles
                  DM soles are made of shock absorbing thick pure rubber, hand cut into shape just like from your local shoe smith.

                        • Bigger platform to create more stability.
                        It is hard enough to dance so high off the ground, let alone on small platforms. With this in mind, our platforms are 10% larger than other popular models in the market. This way, you can dance with more stability and confidence.
                        • Beautiful matching satin shoe laces.
                        We take pride in our product in the finest details. The standard shoelaces in the market are too short for pole dance boots. We tailor-made our long shoelaces with satin, and it is just what is needed to complete the design. 

                        • Strong-built that real dancers have tested for 100+ hours.

                        Quality testing is a long and patient process. We have tested the shoes in so many routines, dragging, pivoting, clapping, jumping. When the tester smashed the boots by accident to the ground from a handstand tumble, and the shoes still remained intact, we passed the QC.

                        • Protection and easy transport with DM shoe bags
                        Our shoes are protected by velvet dance shoes bags specially designed to keep your shoes protected, easy to store, yet still breathable.